The Insurance Game

As much as we’d like to believe that all medical professionals, to whom we entrust our health and well-being, have our best interest at heart, that is, unfortunately, not always true. Some stories regarding the absolutely absurd conditions surrounding some malpractice lawsuits show that a Doctor can be a no-good swindler just as bad as any fly-by-night snake oil salesman. Inflated prices, unnecessary procedures, sloppy work, and other undesirable behaviors are not as uncommon as we would like.

Dr. Mayo believes in “The Golden Rule.” As an adherent to the principles of this rule, all treatment recommendations and prices given to you are designed to reflect the actual cost of the treatment and the value of the experience Dr. Mayo has to offer you, his valued patient. There is no “nickel and diming” here, which is why we don’t charge for use of nitrous oxide gas (AKA Laughing Gas), like at some other practices. It doesn’t matter what insurance plan you have, a crown from here costs what a crown costs. While others might play “the insurance game,” Dr. Mayo does not.

If a tooth can be successfully filled, we fill it, not crown it. If a crown is truly needed, that’s what it gets. Insurance is not a factor in the decision process.

When you become one of our patients, we treat you the way we think we should be treated because you are a human being.

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