Here are some before and after photos to show the quality work Dr. Mayo and staff have completed over the years. See his comments below each photo

Too many sodas… Not enough brushing.

Lots of composite repairs… He got married to a beautiful lady one year later–guess it worked for him, huh?

Coffee, cigarettes, and crooked teeth are a bad combination.

Composite resin bonding.

This is not pretty!

Repair made in one visit with bonded composite resin.

Midline space… she doesn’t like it.

I didn’t either… Closed with composite resin.

Chipped corner.

Uncomplicated composite repair.

This is why your mother told you not to run out by the swimming pool.

Two root canals, some bonding, and one crown later.



After seven years in mouth.Veneers are Mayo Lab made from Esthet-X composite resin.

Dead nerve and broken edge are not helping this otherwise pretty girl.

Root canal treatment has been done, tooth has been bleached internally, and broken edge has been repaired with composite resin.

I tried to bite some concrete.

Composite bonded edges.

Nice guy, but…

Composite bonding.

Roller coaster teeth… awfully nice guy, though.

Buffed some edges, added some composite here and there, and everybody’s happy.

Tooth decay and chipping.

Composite filling.



This very attractive model was unhappy with her mid-line “bullet hole.”

Filled in with composite resin–everybody’s happy.

Two chipped central incisors.

Repaired with composite resin. In mouth for one year at time of this picture